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#TruthBomb: Doors

May 3, 2017

I remember when I first came to this city, my drive was on 100. Grand Rapids, compared to my humble beginnings in Jackson, was a city full of opportunity. Yes there were barriers and hurdles to get past but I was fortunate to meet some of the right people who opened doors for me. 


Fast forward:

Today... in the present... I am considered a person who has the "answers" (future topic of discussion). Being in that position I have a lot of artists who will ask me for advice. I have a lot of artists that hit up my line because they want the "in" on how to book events. I have a lot of artists that just want to pick my brain. These artists want me to open doors for them, just as door were opened for me.

Lately though, a lot of the artists who I (and even my constituents) have advised, ended up being huge disappointments. OPEN DOORS CAN ONLY BE USED BY THOSE THAT WALK THROUGH THEM. I don't know if its apathy or just a lack of motivation but these artists are missing their own moment by passing up on opportunities. On second thought, it may be FEAR. Fear of failing. Fear of jumping into a situation with no safety net. Fear of being uncomfortable.



OPEN DOORS CAN ONLY BE USED BY THOSE THAT WALK THROUGH THEM. What is life without a little risk? You can't be great sitting on the sideline. You can't be great without self motivation. This is LIFE, enjoy the rollercoaster. Electric slide through all the open doors because those doors are opened by someone who believes in you. More so, because most of the doors you encounter in life will have to be kicked in. If it comes easy embrace it.

The truth is that when there is a door opened for you moonwalk through it. 


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Joshua Tree: Analog Electronic music and 44 Soundsystem events

March 17, 2017

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