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#TruthBomb: Promoting

February 26, 2017

Someone came up to me yesterday at Hive and said "you throw the best events". I don't think I do... I just setup the platform for people to shine. Trust the artists you surround yourself with. I don't consider myself a promoter.

Most promoters in this town and elsewhere are too concerned with the numbers coming through the door than the experience of the event itself. I've worked with countless venues and individuals where the extent of the conversation surrounding an event is:

How many people are going to show up?
What is the ticket price?
How much profit will the event make?

In my opinion, the real questions that should be asked are:

Will a patron be amazed?
Does the event flow well?
Does the atmosphere fit the genre of entertainment?

As a promoter you are in the business of selling experiences. That experience needs to be spot on every time. Quality experiences are what keeps people coming back. Quality experiences are what builds the culture of this city. There is no way I should be even in the category of the best event planner/promoter in town. I don't have the resources and I rarely answer my phone. The truth is people have become so used to the normality of crappy promoters that there was an episode on Atlanta about it. Why do allow those type of promoters to still be around. Take back your entertainment!!! 



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Joshua Tree: Analog Electronic music and 44 Soundsystem events

March 17, 2017

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