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#Truthbomb "I am happy to work with you"

January 18, 2017

I have been trying to refrain from commenting on the recent change in the political atmosphere of this country. I, contrary to many of my associates, have taken the approach to be open and see if the new government has a solid plan for the future of this country.

I diligently watched every Senate hearing on each of the cabinet members that Trump has appointed. I've watch each candidate slip over tough questions or fall into fallacies, while inherently stating nothing. No plan. These are supposed to be the best and brightest in their collective business fields. Yet we have not been presented with an Executive Summary. Even with my community college knowledge of business, I know at least to not go into any meeting unprepared. The goal of each candidate should have been to make America feel more at ease that this country is going in the right direction.

I didn't feel that.

The only thing that was consistent between the candidates was the phrase used to dodge in depth questions. "You bring up great points and I look forward to working with you if I am appointed". These people are not leaders, they don't breed confidence in the people who they are supposed to be leading.

The Truth is that we as the people of America must hold our leaders to a standard above our own. Our leaders shouldn't be like us, they should be what we aspire to be. Our leaders are the archetype of what we embody as the American way.

Choose your leaders wisely.



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Joshua Tree: Analog Electronic music and 44 Soundsystem events

March 17, 2017

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